Third Party Manufacturing Process at Candle Pharmaceuticals

Candle Pharmaceutical, an ISO Certified pharmaceutical, has a great experience in third party manufacturing with ethical business rules. Our experts are thorough professional in their work and deliver us with medicine which matches international quality standards as they are manufactured in the WHO and GMP certified unit.

Candle Pharmaceuticals follows a structured process in its third-party manufacturing process:

1. Order Confirmation

First and the most important step is order finalization. Candle Pharmaceuticals, third party medicine manufacturer, firstly understands the needs  to arrive at the order and composition of medicines of the partner. Post discussion, we confirm and have a sign off on the client’s order which is then followed by the order getting pushed to Pricing team to arrive at the cost for the order.

2. Pricing Finalization

Once the order is confirmed from the client, the order is then pushed to the pricing team. For this purpose, we calculate the cost incurred on the production of each and every unit of medicine. Based on the cost topped with the minimal margin, the pricing team prepare quotations for the medicines. Post the discussion with the client, the order is finalized at a certain price and the order is sent to Candle Pharmaceutical’s manufacturing unit.

3. Compliance & Legal

In parallel to finalizing the order and the price for the deal, we initiate compliance and legal process with our client. As a third party pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have some compliance and legal obligations like GST number(alternate business identity number in case on non-Indian entity), Drug License, Brand License etc. This entire process of licensing takes 5-7 working days.

Drug License

4. Manufacturing Medicine

Based on the client orders, Candle Pharmaceuticals manufactures the medicines. We as third party medicine manufacturer follow the GMP in manufacturing. GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.  With our stringent and world class quality standard processes in place, we assure to provide quality medicines at unbeatable price. 

5. Delivery

Once the order placed by the client is manufactured, the manufactured goods are sent over to the logistics team. Once the goods are handed over to the logistics team, which within a day’s time dispatch the products to the delivery address. Typically, it takes 3-4 working days for the goods to reach the destination.


Once the goods are delivered at the destined location, we have 24X7 support available to support the client on any queries they have. We are proud to provide quality service to our client and are recognized as their trusted partners.

We as a WHO-GMP certified third party manufacturing pharma company, follow all the guidelines and standards set by WHO (World Health Organization) in producing and distributing our medicines with proper compositions and packaging policies. As a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, we have a well-qualified team of professionals in each and every department for third party manufacturing. These professionals are from different fields like science, chemistry, pharmacology and physics etc. Know more about our third party contract manufacturing services.



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