Quality Standards at Candle Pharmaceuticals

Candle Pharmaceutical is an ISO Certified pharmaceutical company. We have expert trained staff with a line of reporting that is independent of production process. Our all systems are well documented by our expert staff. We have a modern and well-equipped and well-organized laboratory and well-qualified & expert staff which analyze each and every unit of product with the objective to provide a quality product to our customers. We are committed to ensuring that every product that we manufacture meets with and conform over its shelf life to internationally accepted standards of quality, purity, efficiency and safety.

At Production site, the latest analytical instruments and tightly monitored quality assurance and quality control systems are used to ensure the consistent quality of products produced by us. So, selecting the option to take over our Pharma Franchise is safe options for you. A Corporate Quality Unit (CQU) is set up to guide the quality team at production site. This CQU has members from quality assurance, quality engineering, quality control, and regulatory affairs. CQU monitors the quality assurance systems on regularly basis to ensure the best quality of our products on new regulatory practices and monitors the quality and efficiency of documentation in order to comply with changing international terms and conditions.

Why are quality standard important for us?

Quality of manufactured product is one of the most important considerations of Candle Pharma to measure its success. We strongly believe that quality plays an important role for Candle Pharma becoming a dominant global pharmaceutical organization. With our strict quality guidelines in place, we cater high end quality products to our customers. 

Quality Policy

Our Quality policy revolves around the key tenets of our cutting-edge solutions, premium quality products, customer centricity and our strive for continuous improvement. Candle Pharmaceuticals is certified by WHO-GMP, ISO 9001 quality systems towards High Product Quality Assurance & Environment Management System.

We always adjust our production system to the changing needs and demands of customer in order to provide a quality product. Against all odds, we always follow all quality related policies and procedures. Our quality team formulates the guidelines of our all quality policies for our finished product which are religiously followed in our manufacturing processes.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our well-equipped and modern Quality Control Laboratory tests each unit of product right after the manufacturing to ensure that each unit of our product is pure, safe and effective.  Our QC department has well qualified staff and all necessary instruments which are used for analysis of API, finished products, packaging and related material used. This team enforces the quality standards right from taking the raw materials to the packaging and shipping to ensure the satisfaction of our customer.

The QC department performs following activities:

  • RM/PM analysis
  • Finished Products analysis
  • In-process Checks
  • Stability Studies

 The QC activities are managed through four sections:

  • Instrumental Analysis and Finished Products
  • Wet Analysis Laboratory
  • Microbiological Testing Laboratory
  • Packaging Material -Testing Laboratory

RM/PM Inspection Process

Finished Goods Inspection Process

Finished Products Inspection Process

In Process Check Workflow

In Process Checks Process

Candle Pharmaceuticals commitment to Quality

  • We use well organized master plan for manufacturing the best quality of product.
  • We invest a lot of money, time and manpower to provide a Quality Standard product to you.
  • We have a well organised structure of production.
  • We have a strict quality control system.
  • We have qualified and skilled staff in our all departments.
  • We follow all quality measures mandated by government.
  • We invest a lot towards the wellfare of society.
  • Our main motive is to serve the society.
We Provide

Wide Range of Products

We at Candle Pharma provide a wide range of products and cover all therapeutic segments. All our products are manufactured in WHO-GMP Certified Facilities.

  • MIND (CNS)

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